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About a couple of week I deliberately let this blog without latest update. Nothing much to say actually after completely dealt with the crucial period of the stress final exam. What I could say, my brain is out of ideas to write in serious and critical though some current issues really pushed me to give some personal comments. As final exam ended, why not I just set aside it for a while.

I opted to spend my ample time with some enjoyable jobs. With my ‘crazy’ buddies, doing such things that lousy sometimes relaxing our mind. Never mind, just to be fun at that moment, not beyond the limit.

Putra Nilai, in a sense of pleasure, have nothing amazing places. That's why all seven of us went to Putrajaya by driving away around there. During that journey, to avoid getting bored, we read all signboards stated Presint as ‘Pesantren’. HeHeHe nice what...

Exploring Alamanda, ‘lepak’ing there at night till we get bored. Karaoke was quite enjoy but I'm not interested. (Buang duit je). Let some of us 'melalak' there, me and the other two at the very beginning had found our own port. And exactly we were so eagered to explore it. At MPH, I still couldn’t see the book I had searched for a long time. My assumption was perhaps that inspiring book is limited edition and not be published at every bookstores. After all, I got Saasatul Ibad (political player) for my own, and very satisfied.

The most interesting moment we had have absolutely ISCOM, a prestige event under our faculty. Nothing dull but awesome place we had explored during that time. At the same night, we then started our first job as committee members. Initially that was a reason we went out that evening.
Helping our hardworking lecturers doing some tough preparation till 0300am, it was really a tiring work. Actually there was a plan to make a rehearsal of opening ceremony, but somehow, some technical matters led us to cancel it. No wonder to see our Dean stay up together with us to make sure this seminar is well-handled and going smooth totally (salute to him).

ISCOM 2008 stand for International Seminar on Comparative Law is the prime event organized by Faculty of Syariah and Law, USIM. This seminar was overall beneficial for us in terms of exposure to critical discourse relating various laws, humanitarian and political issues. We were also experienced to discuss friendly and sharing updated knowledge and information with students, professors, lecturers and presenters from other countries.

So far it was the best one as well as we had not to pay anything to joint venture this event. So next time, make sure you grab chance to be a committee and you suppose to get free a bundle of proceeding, free lunch and tea at the hotel for three days and enjoying seminar without paying the fee (RM200 per student, pewh!). Seriously, it is essential for us to get involved in such programmes as it can help us a lot at the end of the day. So, let's plan our future now.

The most memorable time was that….
As-syeikh Dr Wahbah Zuhaili, a well-known scholar and an expert in Fiqh studies. Meeting him was a wonderful moment. Not only to know him closely, but also to take chance for ' tabarru’ ', can I? HeHe. Next day after the seminar, Dr Wahbah went to USIM to deliver a special lecture for FSU members in FSU Moot Court. His speech(in Arabic) generally related to the importance of studying Shariah for Islamic course.

In the Moot Court FSU
Wacana INFAD

I had found a brilliant view from this scholar that I thought should be absorbed by all figure Muslims, that so-called a spirit of tasammuh – a wonderful attitude about accepting and appreciating the other with full of tolerance. This term usually can be seen when we discuss religious matters relating to studying comparative of mazahib(Fiqh Muqaranah).

This is a common term which is always to be heard, however there is only a little number of Muslims who care about it. Very proud to him as he proved that a profound ulama' like him should be tolerate each other if they really concern about Ittihad ummah(unity of ummah), no matter he or she is Sunni or Shi'ah. But obviously, not to unethical groups of tasyaddud (extremist/fanatic of mazhab).

From 17 to 21 Nov, this period had been fulfilled very well. Alhamdulillah, Thanks God for Your guidance which made me properly managed without wasting time with annoying things. Then, for 1st year students, pursued with LSP for nine days and had done tentatively. Really enjoyed it with interesting activities in Arabic and English language. I’d like to address a warm gratitude to Ustazah Maryam and Mdm Norliza for their advices, moral supports and giving us a bucket of words of wisdom. Both of you are so nice, kind of friendly person. Hope we’ll see you again.

End of semester. It is a time now for holiday. I, still in Nilai before come back to my hometown this Friday morning. Raya Haji this year is quite different as we celebrate without parents who are in Mekah for Haj pilgrimage. Yesterday, I got message from my sis. Bad news. Raining without ending caused waters flooding the whole house. I pray for this morning floodwaters have now receeded. I wondered about my room at the downstairs which is placed our khutub khanah. So many books inside there. Would it be a flood damage? Hopefully it is not.

Now, it’s time to clean and clear (Just now, one thing irritated my mind, Acacia or Sutera??)

Being the last one who check out from this room...served your right. HuHuHu.


To all colloquies, have a nice holiday, and selamat hari raya haji~

p/s: Kuliah Syeikh Fuad Kamaluddin al-Maliki al-Rembawi berlangsung pada Khamis, selepas solat Maghrib, minggu pertama dan ketiga setiap bulan di Masjid Putra Nilai, Bandar Baru Nilai. Sahabat berkelapangan disarankan untuk hadir memeriahkan kuliah ilmu ini. Kitab pengajian yang digunakan, “Mafahaim yajibu an Tash’hih” (Kefahaman Yang Wajib Diperbetulkan.) Allahua’alam.

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tengku Anis a.k.a cupid berkata...


mcm lame je tak komen kat sini. Gud to read ur writing again.

Anway, jeles je sebab dapat beli Saasatul Ibad. lame cari tp x penah jumpe.


Hazimin Harun berkata...

wa'alaykum salam wbt,

ari tu kebetulan jmpa, x plan pn nk beli..
nk teruskn buku2 yg trgendala x slesai2 lg..

pemerhati setia berkata...

prtm thniah ats kjyaan ISCOM, kedua tahniah krn brjy melalui LSP dgn jayanya, ke-3 Takziah atas musibah bnjir. Last, Slmt Hr Ry Aidiladha. Aku dok dang nk gi umah mu..huhu.

p/s: taun nie xleh ry hj skali la n0, taun lps p lph dging skali, blk wat bbq, pas2 ceroboh blk org wat video..ha3. Terkenang wk2 tu brmhrjalela d stra indah..

Hazimin Harun berkata...

trm kasih krn sudi memerhati.
haha. siapa bilang waktu tamhidi waktu membosankan. semuanya indah untuk dihimbau sbg kenangan.

- jentera prk dah digerakkan. mana2 yg ingin turun mengerah tenaga boleh maklumkan. gempur tetap gempur demi perjuangan islam. jom pakat turun gganu lake~