What the hell is mooting?

Since attending mooting workshop few months ago, there are only several students currently who are still continuing their eagerness to pursue in this course. Don’t know why, though at the beginning, they seemed so confident to take part in mooting. But later, enthusiastic opted to be surrender earlier.

Now, USIM team preparation for Jessup. I took a challenge to be a junior reseacher. To be honest, the task given to me is more challenging(read: tiring+boring! Hehe) Somehow it is so difficult to be enjoy doing this kind of thing. I've been reading up on the bundle of international laws and it's my first time to deal with such tough legal materials. Dok ghok cettong ambe weh...huhu

When you aren't expert in language, it is a complex job for you to start research legal issues in much greater depth than usual. Before preparing memorial, you need to comprehend facts well and come out with highly analytical solutions. That is the crucial part of mooting tasks.

Maybe this experience is very nice and benefits given. Don't worry(persuade myself. Huhu). Mooting culture is not for everybody. Even some students assumed that only nerdy could be enjoy in this purely academic club. Haha. Whatever lah. For me, getting involved in mooting give much goodness.

In USIM, mooting is not familiar yet. Commitment issue always arised whereby only a little number of students would willingly sacrifice break semester, not really sleep everyday and be stress in serious surrounding till midnight. That’s why mooting is so exclusive. So, be patient. Take it as a challenge and don't give up.

The true fact is: students now in a learning process. More practices you do, more challenges you'll face in your life. And we are not in the highest position to be proud of. The life must go on with professional skill and having a humble path.

the best way for mooting is.. demonstrate your talent before the unspoken judge!

p/s: Aku sebenarnya keberatan untuk melibatkan diri(baca: sangat malas) dalam menge’moot’ ni. Haha. Tu pasal lah tulis entry ni, nak jana semangat balik la kononnya. Adoii la. Belajar bai, belajar….biar pun letih! =P

5 ulasan:

tengku Anis berkata...

ok.. pertama, susoh la xdop tulisan 'komen' kat blog ni. pening okmo stiap kali no komen.

kedua, hehehe.. xphm lg maksud mooting ni. bahasa bdk2 law ke? adeh3

Hazimin Harun berkata...


pertama, benda alah tu dh byk kali cuba setelkn. tp ntah ap ntah..mcm tu jugk..st error kat coding html kot..biar susah sikit nk komen..hehe

kedua, nk ckp ap ek..iftah kamus...heh3

Hazimin Harun berkata...

mooting ni ala2 debate tp beza sdikit. sgt fokus pd submission. gaya dan intonasi tidak dititikberatkan. suara firm, gaya advocate.
senang cerita, ni suatu ptndign ttg cara present case depan judge..
sgt2 boring...huhuhu

中島美嘉mika berkata...

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