Student Comparative Law Writing Competition


Faculty of Syariah & Law (FSU) is proud to announce our 1st Student Comparative Law Writing Competition. We are looking for original, publishable papers addressing compelling issues in comparative law between Civil Law and the Shari’a in conjunction with the FSU Reading & Library Usage Campaign.

The prizes include:

1st prize – laptop*
2nd prize – digital dictionary*
3rd prize – RM150; and
Consolation prizes – RM50 (12 candidates)

* Prizes are subject to change without prior notice

Competition Details
To be eligible for consideration, the paper must focus on comparative approach of Civil Law and the Shari’a of any current and compelling legal issues in Malaysia with reconciliatory approach. The paper must be written solely by a student, using English or Arabic language. Submission of abstract (of not more than 100 words) must be submitted to confirm participation. Full paper submissions should be typed written in double-spacing (except for footnotes, which should be in 10 pt. and single-spaced). The font size should be 12 pt. using Times New Roman. All margins should be one inch. The length of paper should not be more than 2000 words only (exclusive of footnotes). At least five (5) references must be secured from USIM’s library collection whereby the student must state the books’ calling number in the bibliography. Submission of full paper must be done before or on 30th December 2009 via email to Electronic submissions are strongly preferred, though paper submissions will also be accepted. The deadlines are as follows:-

Submission of Abstract (Registration due date): 30th October 2009
Submission of Full Paper:
30th December 2009
Announcement of winners:
13th January 2010

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